Wednesday, October 1, 2014


i was not the better in English but i like to write funny this blog like a diary for me. I think  its was writing for some information....ok i tried
Since i reading some article in a news paper most likely to read is sport news and then some article from politican. i would like to copy about politican what are they to inform for our comunity...rather better than i not to do that...
then i would like to wirte about guild but i never been joined any guild and then how can i know some information about guild...hmmmmm  now what can i research about its...chaos right...
some guy that i know he was some kind like a worst and rough...i hate like can i know if you does not say something to me...then you told all aout me as you know me better than me...hmmmm
till 42 years old now...i am is a single...but you are married ..poor that women who married with not  like as a told me your never said something about someone at the back side but you told to everybody about me like you know mw as are pulling my leg...
i know mostly everybody says if we are married we can get a long good stuff never lose...likely if we have a children but its not...isnt it...come your eyes and your mind...
see what is happen around you...
you with whom...which is the better long feeling about having know i dream about married...for now i could not reach it...lot of tried been it...its still the same answer...the was nobody wants married with me...
dont you dare take me down is short...and like a wheel sometimes we can go up and down..
so be carefull if you love to have a mouth...
wlling me you as the better but dont take me down...i can let it down if you want...and i will never go  you are want to be my friend or do same you girl...dont take me think you can get a boy just better than me...the heandsome and he is a lot lot guy...but to me i know what you want...i have a feeling that said to me it just nothing just satisfide ....ok for me...i can find another girl...but better for dont do nothing...

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