Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Role Model

Today I want to invite you to think for a moment about Malaysia. I born in Malaysia . What do you think about Malaysia ? What is interesting about Malaysia ? Are you happy about Malaysia ? How is the economic situation in Malaysia ? What about the behavior of Malaysians in principle ? Before you answer the question I would like to ask you guys ever to Malaysia ? Did any of you in Malaysia ? Would you know about Malaysia ?
Are you happy you guys with the political situation in Malaysia ?
and once you know that Malaysia did you want to be Malaysian?
You can compare you own country Malaysia and is the better .
with permission ...
I do not mean to discredit or overthrow popularity.I want to analyze the country's name Malaysia. I just proud because born in Malaysia as a peaceful country , not say be a ripple or pride . If others are busy trying to raise the towering names with medals and success but I just capable of telling a story and analyze . I am not a person in the eyes of the people of Malaysia . I'm just as Malaysians.
You guys know the capital of Malaysia ? If you do not know , the pictures will have me included. If you do not know where Malaysia is , will I have prepared a diagram map .

If you want to tell us how the first Malaysia I'm sure many already know about it. I will be the story a little information about Malaysia . Previously known as Malaya Malaysia then Malaysia still under British colonial rule . When the British granted independence to Malaya new it was known as Malaysia .
Malaysia is a practicing Muslim. Percentage of people ranging from different Malay descent. Why do I state here Melayu Malaysia consists of various races. This is due to the marriage between the Chinese and Malays, Indians and Malays, and other nations.
The Malays were once often quarrel with each other because of the coup, and the throne . Finally they came to trade opportunities in Malaya feel sympathy with politic instability at the time they are trying to help in any way shape. Starting from there , there was a combination of the various nations that united we know today as Malaysia .
To this day we will see the Malays remain in their way as before which is often at odds , but they clashed in a peaceful and fair view in accordance with the law pre existing current form of independence.
Said in terms of the Malaysian economy is still far behind because Malaysia still hope to Chinese people because they are more master of business systems in Malaysia. If talk about intelligence or IQ more and more Chinese people born in the intellectual world.
To this day we can see the Malays or Malaysia is still far behind. Example we can see such interpretation. The world community in the use of select Indonesian translation. We do not deny that there is a similarity of language but use Indonesian grammar is similar to Malay.
When we glance economically. Why Chinese nation seemed more advanced? Why are the Malays still backward in the political economy.
One reason why the Malays should sell what you have. When sold it certainly no longer be used for any other purpose.
The Malays are hosted in Malaysia. Why did they have to be porters to other races. Previously we used to hear the Malays are a people who are lazy or forget yourself.
Today we can be proud of the cooperation of all races in Malaysia join hands in the midst of the success of the political and socio-cultural development.
Various forms and stylized way of ensuring that Malaysians have a place in the hearts and eyes of all world.Malaysia not want to be known as the negative of the eyes of the world. Today's economy depends on the continuing efforts of Malaysians with promises stability of the politically, culturally and religiously.
If Malaysia continues in this frantic efforts such as economic development, political stability and peace and the country's role as a model developing country will be spared to enjoy the neighboring country Malaysia.
Bank Negara Malaysia has said to the people of Malaysia some time ago if the value of the currency (myr) high priority sectors to be affected is tourism due to the currency plays an important role in efforts to increase the influx of tourists into the country. Though today we see the value of money we are getting weaker against the dollar (usd). place where we can do about the influx of tourists in the future when the currency values ​​low and also the existing peace.
Burden of external debt to the World Bank lower from year to year. Malaysia can pay back all debts effectively and consistently. Also helping Malaysia in pursuit of the next success was the creation of a corporate scholars. This aspect of the title is not a lot of millionaires in Malaysia but quite helpful in generating economic boost to the global business. Today Malaysia emerged in the automobile industry rival. Malaysia's DRB-Hicom with the cooperation of leading Japanese corporations. Producing vehicles affordable for Malaysians.

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