Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sertai contest dan jadi sebahagian sebagai promoter

Two Are Better Than One...

To celebrate our 2 For 1 Holiday Special, from now until December 22, we will be holding a "Two Are Better Than One" Photo Contest. The rules are simple. Submit your photo on the topic Two Are Better Than One... . Be creative. Get your friends to like your entry by clicking the Like button. The photos with the most votes win. Up for grabs are a 2 For 1 Special SBI! order, an annual SBI! subscription, and a 6-month SBI! subscription.
Now for the rules...

  1. Read the contest rules.
  2. Submit a photo that illustrates that Two Are Better Than One... to our wall. You must own the copyright to the photo.
  3. The deadline for submitting your photo is 12, noon, EST on Dec. 19.
  4. Send your Facebook friends to your submission and get them to click the Like button. IMPORTANT: In order to like your photo, voters must first like SiteSell on Facebook.
  5. The deadline for voting is 12, noon, EST on Dec. 22.
  6. The entries with the most votes at 12, noon, EST on Dec. 22 win.
  7. You can enter more than one photo, but only one entry per person can win.
  8. Voters may vote for as many submissions as they like, but may only vote for each submission once.
  9. SiteSell is not responsible for any technical issues with the Facebook interface that may prevent visitors from entering or voting in the contest. In the case of technical difficulties, SiteSell reserves the right to propose, at its own discretion, alternatives for voting and/or submission and/or end the contest prior to the posted dates.

The three prizes are as follows...

  • First prize: A 2 For 1 Special SBI! order

  • Second prize: An annual SBI! subscription

  • Third prize: A 6-month SBI! subscription

  • Winners may use the SBI! subscriptions for themselves or give a special gift to a friend or family member.
    In order to submit your photo...
    1. Go to the SiteSell Wall on Facebook and enter your photo description and a few promotional words in the Write something... box.
    2. Underneath the box, beside Attach:, click the photo icon and upload your photo
    3. Click Share
    4. Your post will show up immediately on the SiteSell wall below. Below your post, it will say that it was posted a moment ago or however long it has been since you posted.
    5. Click that little time link. This will take you to a page that contains only your post.
    6. Use the URL of that page to promote your entry among your friends. But remember: In order to vote or comment, they must first like SiteSell on Facebook. That's a requirement by Facebook in order to reduce spam comments.
    To see and "like" the entries, you have 3 options...
    1. Scroll down the Wall. As the contest moves on, you might have to scroll down quite a bit.
    2. Go to the "Photos by Others" Album. Clicking on the photo takes you to a page where you can "like" the entry and leave a comment.
    3. Click on any of the URLs listed below. These are all entries, in chronological order (from old to new).
    Good luck to everyone participating! It will be fun to see what "Two Are Better Than One" means to you!

    1 comment:

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