Monday, January 17, 2011


Suddenly i have been thinking the way hows to wrote somethings in English language actually by  stories.Do i can do thats?here is in deep insides my hearts saids better try and they are  willed understand what was you i in right thinking meaning is a positive....saids in monologue in front the mirror...hehehe tried being artist in rehearsal ???drum roll... the spectator applause and laughing...all in an auditorium been noisy after they seen an actor makes a funny in stage..
why  do they so excited when their artists making some moves in acting ?i don't know why...because same as do i?...but i can explained because they just an amazing so incredible awesome cheerful people they have their credibility and natural talent to makes touching our behalf.
Who knows the talent can makes they grew up and moved up in acting industries...very good
actually not just a talent but's it's must been trained in thousand times in one scene...just what i have'd told  i?
yes..after he looking in the mirror he tried making of mimic..he tried looked in sad's..and he puts a nice flour(making from beauty scientist)..he puts a little bit black flour color near by his eyes and one or two drops in his eyes..he started acting like crying he said's oh..why i have a seen my like this..and from water dropping in his eyes it is making his black flour melting go down and go...he tried making spectator in touching...his minds now wanted to control feelings the spectator..
yes.. he success, the spectator followed  him.
that was a good artist in i  right?

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